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Tourism Management N4-N6

The Diploma in Travel and Tourism aims to provide students with sound knowledge and practical skills required to perform effectively in the travel and tourism industry. The purpose of the qualification is to provide students with the ability to operate and apply themselves within the travel and tourism environment through effective communication and the development of managerial skills.

This programme equips students to undertake travel and tourism functions such as the management of cultural and natural resources, sustainable development and the coordination of tourism activities. On successful completion of the programme, graduates will be able to seek entry level positions in the field of travel agency operations, tour guiding, tour operations and events. Students will also develop entrepreneurial skills to start their own small, micro and medium enterprises.

Entry Requirements:

A senior certificate or an appropriate National Certificate (N3) or a National Senior Certificate or an equivalent certificate.

Duration: 6 Months per Certificate.


N4: Travel Office Procedures, Travel Services, Tourist Destinations, Tourism Communication.

N5: Travel Office Procedures, Travel Services, Tourist Destinations, Tourism Communication.

N6: Travel Office Procedures, Travel Services, Tourist Destinations, Tourism Communication.

Subject Descriptions (Travel & Tourism)

Travel Office Procedures
Exposes students to:
• Knowledge and skills necessary to do filling and indexing on all systems in a tourism undertaking.
• Basic principles and procedures of banking and different means of payment in the tourism industry.
• Understanding South African law relevant to the requirements for a valid contract, the contents of contracts and  contract of purchase and sale
• Marketing and sales focusing on business traveling and incentive traveling.
• Introduction to public relations

Travel Services

Deals with some of the following aspects:
• Bookings and reservations for accommodation, car hire, tours and theater tickets
• Airport facilities, in-flight facilities, baggage requirements
• Tour planning and budgeting
• Fares and ticketing within Africa
• Foreign currency
• Travel insurance

Tourist Destinations

Includes the following aspects:

• Thorough knowledge of tourist destinations in South Africa and the rest of the world
• The Usage Of Different Maps And Compasses

Tourism Communication

Helps improve the students’ ability to:
• Express themselves clearly, correctly and concisely in oral and written communication
• Deal with enquiries, complaints and conflicts
• Use the voice effectively
• Be good listeners
• Use graphic and audio-visual aids for effective communication

Hotel Reception

Train students to accurately and effectively perform duties and functions of a professional hotel receptionist so as to be able to project and contribute to the image “Excellence in Service” in the accommodation industry. The subject also covers the study of South African hotel structures.

Career Options:

Accommodation Management, Conference and Event Planning, Restaurant and Food Services, Tourism Development, Transportation Management, Travel Counseling.


The learner will be qualified to apply for National Diploma after completing a minimum of 18 Months In-service training.