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Marketing Management N4- N6

This qualification forms solid foundation and background for most industries and it can also be of interest to students who want to seek employment in this field or further their studies in marketing beyond N6.

The qualifying students will among other things be able to:

Communicate at an effective and appropriate level in a business environment.

Market researching and overseeing all marketing procedures

Describe advertising client requirements, advertising products and advertising business,

Adhere to advertising work ethnic and industry accepted practice standards

Students who successfully complete this programme can work as Advertising Agents, Event coordinators, Sakes representatives, Markets equatorial, Communications Manager.

All examinations are administered by the Department of Education.

Entry Requirements:

A senior certificate or an appropriate National Certificate (N3) or a National Senior Certificate or an equivalent certificate

Duration: 6 Months per Certificate



Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Communication,

Computer Practice



Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Sales Management,

Computer Practice


N6: Marketing Management, Sales Management, Marketing Research, Marketing Communication

Career Options:

Marketing Consultant, Sales Representative, Marketing Manager, Promoter,

Advertising & Promotions.