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Languages School


Kland International College is one of the leading Colleges in the country and on the continent. The prestige and reputation associated with Kland International College transcends across all its Faculties and departments. As part of the Institute, Kland International College Language School adheres to the proud tradition of academic excellence. Not only are we committed to quality and excellent service we encourage our learners to aspire to greatness and to draw inspiration from their teachers and fellow students. 

Our courses and services are maintained through quality assurance procedures and all courses are aligned with the National Qualifications Framework.  The teaching methods we employ are based on sound research and are designed to facilitate the learning process. All languages are taught by mother-tongue speakers who are highly skilled and qualified. 

Lastly, our new premises provide a solid foundation from which to deliver our offerings and operate at a level that makes a significant difference to our clients. Our state-of-the-art facilities foster a dynamic learning environment that enables learners to thrive and learn effectively.


Languages Taught Include:

English Language

French Language

German Language

Chinese Language

IsiZulu Language

Course Outline:

Our curriculum includes some of the following: Learning a Language, Teaching a Language, Translating and interpreting Languages, Communication for professional development, English for Academic Development, Enhancing Language skills, Test Preparation, Translation and Interpreting Services, Proof reading, Editing and Copywriting, Voice overs and Transcriptions, Proficiency Testing and Screening

Duration: 3 Months